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A torch is either a wooden or metal rod wrapped at one end with a material that has been impregnated with a flammable substance and ignited. It also means, in British English, a battery powered portable light source: compare flashlight. Flaming torches have been used through history and currently for various purposes including use in processions, symbolic or religious events and in juggling entertainment.

A welder or welder operator is a tradesman who specializes in welding materials together. The term welder refers to the operator, the machine is referred to as the welding power supply. The materials to be joined can be metals (such as steel, aluminum, brass, stainless steel etc.) or varieties of plastic or polymer. Welders typically have to have good dexterity and attention to detail, as well as some technical knowledge about the materials being joined and best practices in the field.


Mig – 110V Welder$25.00$38.00$114.00$342.00
Arc Welder (Gas) Welder$30.00$45.00$135.00$405.00
Hood Welder$3.00$3.00$9.00$27.00

Rental Policies

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