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Balls/Trailer – 2"$3.00$9.00
Balls/Trailer – 2 5/16"$3.00$10.00
3/8"XS14" xChain$5.00$15.00$45.00
Load Binders$5.00$15.00$45.00
2"x27" Ratchet Straps$6.00$18.00$54.00
Roller Conveyor 10'$9.00$15.00$30.00$60.00
Appliance Dollie$7.00$13.00$35.00$80.00
Platform Truck 23"x36"$7.00$15.00$38.00$80.00
Hand Truck Dollie$10.00$20.00$40.00
Furniture w/Casters 18"x30"$7.00$14.00$30.00
Furniture w/Casters 24"x36"$9.00$18.00$40.00
Pallet Jack$15.00$25.00$75.00$190.00
Piano Dollie$15.00$25.00$75.00$190.00
Portable Ramps$9.00$13.00$40.00$75.00
Moving Blankets$2.00$6.00$18.00
Trailer – Flatbed 82"x20' Tilt$69.00$95.00$375.00$1,125.00
Winch (electric – for 20' flatbed only)$15.00$45.00$135.00
Trailer – Flatbed 82×18' Split Tilt$65.00$90.00$350.00$1,050
Trailer – 2.2cu.yd.Dump (Electric)$65.00$90.00$350.00$1,050.00
Trailer – Landscape Trailer 7'x12'$44.00$60.00$250.00$750.00
Trailer – Snowmobile (2Place)94"wide$40.00$55.00$225.00$675.00
Trailer – 5'x8' Utility$30.00$45.00$225.00$675.00
Trailer – Enclosed 6'x14'$62.00$85.00$325.00$975.009
Trailer – Enclosed 7'x16'$69.00$95.00$375.00$1,125.00
Trailer – Enclosed 8'x18'$80.00$110.00$425.00$1,275.00
Car Dolly$54.00$75.00$325.00$975.00

Rental Policies

Accepted payment types: Credit/debit cards only, no cash. No cash will be returned if contract is paid with credit/debit card. Store credit will be issued at this point if needed. Be advised some debit card banks don’t allow for refunds on your debit card.

Missing components: In the event you notice something is missing from your order, please notify us IMMEDIATELY. Please make sure all items are returned and in condition listed on your contract including any deposit conditions (i.e. cleaning, tear down etc.).

Faulty item: If you are having problems with a rental item, please notify us IMMEDIATELY so we may correct the problem.