Table Settings

For availability and reservations, please give us a call at (920) 717-0823.

13" Plate – 12/rack$9.00$21.00$63.00
10" Plate – 25/rack$15.00$36.00$108.0010 in Dinner Plate
9" Luncheon – 25/rack$15.00$36.00$108.00
9" Snack/Cup – 25/rack$16.00$48.00$144.009 in snack plate
8" Salad – 25/rack$15.00$36.00$108.008in glass salad plate
7" Salad – 25/rack$15.00$36.00$108.00
6" Bread & Butter – 25/rack$15.00$36.00$108.00
6" Fruit – 25/rack$15.00$36.00$108.006 in fruit bowl
Coffee Mug – 25/rack$15.00$36.00$108.00
Coffee Cup – 16/rack$11.00$24.00$7.00
Saucer – 20/rack$10.00$30.00$90.00
Soup Bowl – 25/rack$15.00$36.00$108.00
20oz. Veg. Bowl$0.50$1.50$4.50
Sauce Boat$1.00$2.40$7.20
Boat Platter$1.00$1.50$4.50
Sugar Bowl – 9/rack$20.00$60.00$180.00
Creamer – 9/rack$20.00$60.00$180.00
Butter Knife – 25/pack$11.00$27.00$81.00
Dinner Knife – 25/pack$11.00$27.00$81.00
Dinner Fork – 25/pack$11.00$27.00$81.00
Salad Fork – 25/pack$11.00$27.00$81.00
Tea Spoon – 25/pack$11.00$27.00$81.00
Soup Spoon – 25/pack$11.00$27.00$81.00
Serving Spoon$2.00$6.00$18.00
Tulip Champagne – 36/rack$30.00$60.00$180.00
Champagne – 25/rack$15.00$36.00$108.00
Water-12oz. – 25/rack$15.00$36.00$108.00
Wine-8oz. – 25/rack$15.00$36.00$108.00
Old Fashion-14oz. – 25/rack$15.00$36.00$108.00
Beer-12oz. – 25/rack$15.00$36.00$108.00
Highball-12oz. – 36/rack$20.00$48.00$144.00
Highball-8oz. – 36/rack$20.00$48.00$144.00
Punch Bowl-11qt.$9.00$27.00$81.00
Punch Cup-7oz. – 20/rack$11.00$33.00$99.00
Ash Tray$1.00$3.00$9.00
Salt & Pepper – pair$1.00$3.00$9.00
Silver Round 3qt. Pitcher$20.00$60.00$180.00
Water Pitcher (Plastic) – pair$8.00$18.00$54.00
Water Pitcher (Glass)$5.00$12.00$36.00
Clear Beverage Dispenser (2 1/2 gal)$10.00$30.00$90.00

Rental Policies

Cancellations: All cancellations within 30 days of the event are subject to a cancellation fee of equal to 50% of the total rental.  Sub-rented items are non-refundable (i.e. Linens).

Deliveries/Pick-ups: All deliveries made to a drive up tent or garage, no more than 25′ from the delivery truck and trailer.  To avoid any or all tear down fees, have the items that were delivered set and stacked in the same location and manner that they were left by Grand Rental.

Reservations: Reservations are recommended.  A 50% deposit of the total rental and signed contract is due at time of he reservation.