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Turbo blowers are designed to move large volumes of air. It can either be used to dry wet carpets, floors and furniture, even the hard to reach; or provide moisture control and even excellent air circulation.

A wet/dry vacuum, often referred to as a shop-vac, offers versatility and convenience every do-it-yourself-er craves. Broken down to the most basic elements, the wet-dry vac is nothing more than a vacuum cleaner at heart. Its design, however, enables it to accomplish more, in more environments than any other vacuum.


Turbo Blower$18.00$24.00$63.00
Wet/Dry 15gal. Vacuum$25.00$75.00$180.00

Rental Policies

Accepted payment types: Credit/debit cards only, no cash. No cash will be returned if contract is paid with credit/debit card. Store credit will be issued at this point if needed. Be advised some debit card banks don’t allow for refunds on your debit card.

Missing components: In the event you notice something is missing from your order, please notify us IMMEDIATELY. Please make sure all items are returned and in condition listed on your contract including any deposit conditions (i.e. cleaning, tear down etc.).

Faulty item: If you are having problems with a rental item, please notify us IMMEDIATELY so we may correct the problem.