Drill Core Rig

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A drilling rig is a machine which creates holes in the ground. Drilling rigs can be massive structures housing equipment used to drill water wells, oil wells, or natural gas extraction wells, or they can be small enough to be moved manually by one person and are called augers. sample sub-surface mineral deposits, test rock, soil and groundwater physical properties, and also can be used to install sub-surface fabrications, such as underground utilities, instrumentation, tunnels or wells. Drilling rigs can be mobile equipment mounted on trucks, tracks or trailers, or more permanent land or marine-based structures (such as oil platforms, commonly called ‘offshore oil rigs’ even if they don’t contain a drilling rig). The term “rig” therefore generally refers to the complex of equipment that is used to penetrate the surface of the Earth’s crust.

Drilling rigs can be:

■  Small to medium sized and mobile, such as those used in mineral exploration drilling, blast-hole, water wells and environmental investigations.
■  Large and capable of drilling through thousands of metres of the Earth’s crust. Large “mud pumps” circulate drilling mud (slurry) through the drill bit and up the casing annulus, for cooling and removing the “cuttings” while a well is drilled. Hoists in the rig can lift hundreds of tons of pipe. Other equipment can force acid or sand into reservoirs to facilitate extraction of the oil or natural gas; and in remote locations there can be permanent living accommodation and catering for crews (which may be more than a hundred). Marine rigs may operate many hundreds of miles or kilometres distant from the supply base with infrequent crew rotation or cycle.


Drill Core RigMinimumDayWeekMonth
Drill Rig and Vacuum$35.00$50.00$150.00$450.00
Drill Only$20.00$25.00$75.00$225.00
3" Diamond Bit 3"x15"$20.00$25.00$75.00$225.00
4" Diamond Bit 4"x15"$25.00$32.00$96.00$288.00
6" Diamond Bit 6"x15"$28.00$38.00$114.00$342.00
Portable Water Tank$20.00$25.00$75.00$225.00

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