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The term “hand compactor” can refer to several types of machines used to compact materials or items. A tamp, for example, is a type of hand compactor used to compress soil or other fine particulate matter; it consists of a long metal or wood handle, at the end of which is a heavy steel plate that can be pressed or slammed against materials to compact them. Another type of compactor that is hand-operated may be used to press asphalt into cracks or holes that may have been drilled for specific purposes.

Other machines may also be considered hand compactors, even if they are motorized. A vibratory plate compactor, for example, may fall into this category because the user will operate the machine using hand controls and he or she will guide the machine by manipulating a fixed handle. The vibratory plate compactor features a broad, flat, steel plate that will vibrate at a high rate of speed to create dynamic compaction of particulate matter such as soil or even asphalt. The user will walk behind the machine as it compacts the soil to manipulate the direction of the machine as well as the speed of the vibration.


Hand 10"x10"$10.00$20.00$40.00
Plate 5 1/2 HP 17"x22"$57.00$78.00$195.00$585.00
Plate 4 HP 14"x18"$47.00$65.00$174.00$522.00

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